my name is AGATA
my name is AGATA
Meet me
I am always in a good mood.
Even on Mondays.
I can easily change the way I look but I look great anyway.
I don’t take time off or go on holiday.
This is how much I love my work!
I am brilliant at multitasking.
I never forget things. Ever.
I speak your language.
One of dozens.
What can I do for you?
I can meet your guest

I will greet your guest and find out the reason for the visit. I will invite a corresponding an employee to the reception. While vaiting I can have a chat with the guest. I can explain how to hand over the documents or where the cloackroom is, I can ask them to fill in a personal data processing form or just have a chitchat. And much more!
I can answer the phone

I will find out the reason for the call and forward it to the right person. I will help the caller and keep the ball rolling. I can asnwer multiple calls at once too!
I can be a part of your team

I will let your staff know where the advance report should be submitted, how to post something in the mail and where to have lunch. I will make friends with all the employees. I will let them know the company news, say ‘Happy birthday!’ and wish them a good day. I will warn them about the rainy weather and remind them to take an umbrella.
Why do you need me?
I want to work for you!
I will help you address several office challenges at once.
You will get a unique means of communication with your personnel.
I will be delighted to take part in your comnpany’s internal and external events.
I will create a wow effect on your customers and visitors.
And this is brilliant publicity!
Agata’s videos
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